Pablo Tedeschi

Senior Consultant

For as long as I can remember I have been a person filled with curiosity for all kinds of subjectsand also with interest for human beings, their capabilities and personal development.

That is why, in parallel to my profession as a musician (which I began to pursue at a very young age and in which I have achieved many accomplishments), I have always made and still make space in my life to explore the myriad of topics that call my attention, to my inner growth, and also to train myself in various related disciplines. I am currently certifying myself as an Ontological Coach.

All of the above, plus the natural creativity of the musician I still am, have given me the skills I use every day since, almost seven years ago, I began my journey as a consultant at IT Hunters, where I lead research for various sectors. I believe that finding the best human talent is a kind of art, and I bring to it the tools of my curiosity, my general culture and my ability to think "outside the box".