Our services

Our extensive experience in the sector enables us to offer a broad portfolio of services to support our clients. 

Specialized IT Headhunting

For more than ten years we have been carrying out selection processes for our clients, identifying and presenting them with the best candidates for top strategic positions (including several of the most important CIOs in Colombia), not only for their experience but also for their soft skills; we have accompanied successful organizations from all sectors of the economy to grow and stabilize their technology areas, and to companies whose core is technology itself in their different areas (financial, legal, human resources, operations, among others).


In cases where our clients do not wish to completely outsource a recruitment process, we accompany them in evaluating final candidates, making use of our solid experience in the field of search and selection of senior executives. We do this by means of tools such as competency-based interviews, the application of and feedback on the DISC® test and assessment centers, among others.

Business Coaching

We help our clients in the personal and professional development of their employees by means of the Conscious Business methodology developed by the successful Fred Kofman (who has been VP of Development for companies such as Google and LinkedIn), and of which we have certified professionals.


We support professionals in their work transition process. Using a human approach and all our experience as headhunters, we provide them with tools to set goals and identify desires and take more effective actions that will allow them to return to employment or become self-employed more quickly.


We offer consulting time to assist our clients in resolving specific needs such as: job profile definition, employer brand development, difficult conversations and brainstorming for human resources processes.

¿Who are our clients?

Due to the approach we take to our services and because of our core values, certainly our clients are usually companies that see recruitment as something that is much more than a mere transaction, and seek to build long term relationships based on trust.

We work in close partnership with organizations that value an expert accompaniment in their internal human talent processes, and that like us, consider that each of the candidates in a selection process matters.