About us

¿Who are we?

We are a boutique firm that, for nearly 15 years of experience in the Colombian market, has been a key ally of our clients in executive and strategic personnel selection, assessment, and professional development.

We began our history as a headhunter specialized in technology, in which we were pioneers and today we are highly recognized in Colombia; some time ago we decided to expand to offer to all other sectors of the economy the DNA that we built in the world of technology and that makes us unique in the way we do things, which is why today we are multi-industry.

We are proud that our selection processes have brought the best human talent to the companies and organizations that have been our clients, and that with this we have made a positive contribution to the lives of many and to the growth of our country.

We believe that the values of each organization are essential when it comes to generating value. At IT Hunters we are driven by passion for what we do, we encourage the creativity of our team and we are continuously open to learn, while maintaining the high quality of our processes.

¿Why us?

IT HUNTERS is a team of dynamic professionals who are passionate about contributing to the growth of our clients. Thanks to our solid experience we are able to provide our clients with consultative support, based on a deep understanding of their current needs and circumstances, and with which we are able to offer creative solutions that meet them in the best possible way.

For us all success is based on good human relations, and since our very beginning we have delivered a close and trustworthy service experience to both our clients and candidates.

We have a policy of continuous learning, we look for permanent improvement, and for this reason we are always willing to update and improve our processes, so that they adjust in the best way to the present demands and needs of the market.
We are passionate about what we do!

we are passionate about what we do!