Carolina Toro


I am a psychologist from the Javeriana University of Colombia, with an Executive MBA from ISEAD Business School, and I am certified as a Coach by the Conscious Business Center. My professional practice has allowed me to become an expert in the search and selection of executives and their professional development. I also believe that I will never stop learning and growing in my own professional development.

I have more than 15 years of experience, in which I have led more than 500 successful executive search processes for companies in different sectors such as: Financial, Insurance, Consumer Goods, Construction, Services and my greatest strength: Information Technology and

I currently lead the company’s overall strategy and technology practice, and it is a privilege for me to imprint our DNA and our heart in everything we do.
I am a big music aficionado and firmly believe that all human beings have not only the right but the responsibility to constantly develop ourselves to evolve and improve the world we all share; this has led me to have studies in Gestalt Therapy and to explore non-dualistic and mindfulness schools.